How It Works

Our platform includes An Admin portal, Staff mobile app: Myne Together and App for clients: Myne Champions

Admin Portal

Our Admin Portal is where you can create and schedule activities, create Moments, customize Myne Champions, add Members and Reporting


Community App: Myne Champions: demo coming soon

Unique Features: Moment Collection

  • Moment Collection allows for real-time social, emotional data collection, tracking the small, daily steps we take that make up our lives.
  • In three clicks, staff record moments (positive or negative, defined by each program)
  • Ability to make notes
  • Logs individual note collection and program level positive and negative trends
  • Can provide insights during the gap between pre- and post-testing
  • Creates ‘aha’ moments so a participant is aware of important moments
  • Increases communicator of important events in a participant’s life

Unique Features: Easy check in

Using QR Codes and easy search functions, community members can check in quickly

  • Each members has a unique QR code
  • Available on staff app and community app
  • Printed and lanyard versions for children

Unique Features: Built by Community

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, We believe that the people that create community solutions should be the communities themselves.

Because one of our core beliefs is ownership, we think the best people to build and design products and solutions should be the individuals, families and communities themselves. We believe there is a unique viewpoint that they bring, and if we can add in the skills to develop this, we not only develop economic opportunities, but we make better products.

We have started with a 2 week user research internship, knowing the most important part of building anything is by listening, empathizing and building trust with users and understanding the barriers people face.

There are still many barriers to entry to training, jobs and career development in creating the many technology products that can and will enrich our lives.

We believe that our communities are powerful and capable, and when provided with opportunity, information, and connection, they will become the most effective part in the transformation process. We want to facilitate building mutually beneficial relationships
that enrich and empower individuals, families and communities by skills development, paid internships and partnerships with universities and businesses.

"[Our students] learned a lot and were EXTREMELY appreciate of your kindness, generosity, and most of all of your genuine care.
My only feedback is to keep doing what you’re doing. And let me know how I can help again.
And if you need more interns, we have a new group of cohorts this year."
Cassini Nazir, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas

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