Myne Champions

Myne Champions is a tool for you to connect with people and resources to meet YOUR needs and achieve YOUR goals.
  • Find the resources you need the most.
  • Find partners who can support you to achieve your goals.
  • Find people who faced similar obstacles and learn how they overcame them.
  • Along the way, collect Gold Nuggets. You are on a journey, get rewarded for your self discovery.

    Help others along the way to become a Champion too!

Key features:
You can see register to join organizations and see useful resources in your area. You can review them to help others know how they have helped you.

Once registered, you can check-in in to activities in person at organizations, getting points for each activity. If that organization is a Myning Exchange, these can be used to exchange for real items and experiences.

You can journal about how you are doing in three key areas: Ownership, Discovery and Community. Every day, you get prompt questions to help you think though you day.

You can connect with our MyLight feature. It allows you to use the Poverty Stoplight tool, and add it in specific resources for areas that can help you grow and move forward.

You can see your own profile and any children you have, as well as Moments that Organization staff have seen about them in their relationship with them.

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