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Incentive based tracking software that builds a picture of transformed lives

We believe that seeing information can lead to transformation, and that relationships are the key to transforming lives that's why we built Moments

We believe that showing up is half the battle that’s why we built an easy Check In System

We believe that incentives help us to show up and keep going that’s why we built points, savings, achievements and tangible rewards

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Why Choose Myne?


Enabling individuals and organizations to take ownership and responsibility of own outcomes and goals. They become Mine.


Collecting, sharing & understanding data helps us learn about ourselves. Mine for treasure, mine for data.


We need others to grow healthy individuals, families and societies. Mining is best done with others.

"Until this point, people have associated data just with funding. They haven't connected data with personal growth. This is what Myne can do."
Darrion Lewis, President, Behind Every Door
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What problems we are we trying to solve?

For organizations
To lighten the load of data collection and track data that matters to you and who you serve

For individuals

To show you information about what you have achieved. When provided with opportunity, information, and people to connect with, you are the most effective person to change your life.

For funders and business

To give you information on impact that shows transformation not just activities. To connect your goals of community outreach using the skills and talents you already have.

For education and academic par
To provide real world learning opportunities on projects that matter to communities through our internship program

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"The most exciting thing about the Myne app for our organization is that it would allow us a way to quantify and track the work (whether it is showing up, taking a class, working hard, having a positive attitude or anything else) that is done by our people, so we can empirically and unequivocally show them that they are responsible for their success; that it is earned and not gifted."
Bonton Farms
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How to get started

Set Up A Community Account

Reach out to us if your organization or community would like to start tracking transformation

Start Tracking

Setup your own goals, and get real time data to help you and your community reach them!

See the Change

Work together to review your goals and evaluate next steps

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Myne got where we are today due to a generous WW Caruth JR Fund grant from The Communities Foundation of Texas. We are immensely grateful for all their support financially and in helping us think through how to make Myne a worthwhile project.

Caruth JR fund