Ownership. Discovery. Community.Myne is a software-based platform designed to incentivize life achievements and foster community participation.

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Incentive based tracking software that builds a picture of transformed lives.

Why Choose Myne?


Enabling individuals and organizations to take ownership and responsibility of own outcomes and goals. They become Mine.


Collecting, sharing & understanding data helps us learn about ourselves. Mine for treasure, mine for data.


We need others to grow healthy individuals, families and societies. Mining is best done with others.

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"The Myne App will be able to capture live impressions, acts of growth, achievements, etc., but it also needs to be a platform to receive God’s teachings."
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How to get started

As an Organization, Set Up A Community Account

Reach out to us if your organization or community would like to start tracking transformation

Start Tracking

Setup your own goals, and get real time data to help you and your community reach them!

See the Change

Work together to review your goals and evaluate next steps

Myne got where we are today due to a generous WW Caruth JR Fund grant from The Communities Foundation of Texas. We are immensely grateful for all their support financially and in helping us think through how to make Myne a worthwhile project.

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